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The Best Beaches in Okinawa – Keep for Reference!

沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

There are many beautiful beaches throughout the sub-tropical islands of Okinawa!

In this article we will share recommendations for beaches in each area of Okinawa. Feel free to search for a beach near your accommodation or one near other spots on your itinerary.  

Southern Area of Okinawa Island & Naha City

Toyosaki Chura SUN Beach in Tomigusuku City

豊崎美らSUNビーチ 豊見城市 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Toyosaki Chura SUN Beach is located just 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport. Equipped with leisure facilities to keep you occupied all day – enjoy swimming, barbequing, and marine sports.

Various events are held on this beach, so if you’re interested you may want to check what events are being held ahead of time. The path to the beach is barrier-free, making it great for families with children.

Bibi Beach Itoman in Itoman City

美々ビーチいとまん 糸満市 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Bibi Beach Itoman is located right in front of Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa.

With marine activities such as banana boat towable tube rides and snorkeling (includes lesson) for beginners, there’s something for everyone. You can even rent beach volleyball equipment to enjoy with friends and family. The photo-worthy wall art on the beach is also a must-see!

 Azama Sun Sun Beach in Nanjo City

あざまサンサンビーチ 南城市 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Azama Sun Sun Beach is known for its crystal clear waters and white sand. As there is a large swimming area, it is recommended for those who want to enjoy beach swimming.

There are barrier-free restrooms on the beach, so everyone in the family from senior citizens to young children can easily access them. There are fun events held throughout the year, so even in the off season – when the beach is closed for swimming – you can come to enjoy the events.

Naminoue Beach in Naha City

波の上ビーチ 那覇市 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

This man-made beach is the only beach in Naha City with a designated swimming area. As it is just 10 minutes by car from Naha Airport, you can stop by right after you land in Okinawa or on your way to the airport for your return flight. The view of the overpass from the beach is also noteworthy.

There are lockers, showers, restrooms, and a shop on the beach. Right next to the beach is Cozy Beach Club, where you can have a beach BBQ.

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Central Area of Okinawa Island

Araha Beach in Chatan Town

アラハビーチ 北谷町 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Araha Beach is in walking distance of the popular sightseeing spot, American Village. You will feel as though you had stepped into another country on this long beach, which has an American-like atmosphere.

There are various marine sports and kayaks available for rental. You can even parasail here!

 Zanpa Beach in Yomitan Village

残波ビーチ 読谷村 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Zanpa Beach is a natural beach with a southern island flair. The sand and sea form a large arc shape. Besides the many marine sports available, a floating sea playground/obstacle course is set up from April to the end of October.

It is located just 10 minutes by car from the popular sightseeing attraction, Yachimun-no-Sato Pottery Village. Located next to the beach is Cape Zanpa Park, which has a small petting zoo area popular among children.

Toguchi Beach in Yomitan Village

渡具知ビーチ 読谷村 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

The view of the sunset from Toguchi Beach is impeccable, making it popular among locals. The road to the beach is paved and is stroller-accessible.

There are showers, restrooms, lockers, a shop, a restaurant, and a BBQ area. Do note that there are no safety nets to keep out jellyfish and no lifeguard, so swim at your own risk.

Ikei Beach on Ikei Island, Uruma City

伊計ビーチ うるま市 伊計島 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Rocks jut out here and there in the incredible ocean at Ikei Beach.

There are 2 swimming areas, one for adults and one for children. At Ikei Beach you don’t have to do marine sports to enjoy Okinawa’s amazing sea. However, if you are up to it, we recommend going on the glass-bottom boat ride, from which you can see the beautiful underwater world of coral reefs and tropical fish.

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Sunmarina Beach in Onna Village

サンマリーナビーチ 恩納村 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

The spaciousness of this 400 m long white sand beach will make you want to run. Enjoy the changing colors of the emerald green and cobalt blue sea.

If you walk across the pier, you will feel as though you were walking on the water itself. You can also go on a sunset cruise to enjoy the sunset for a romantic evening date.

Manza Beach in Onna Village

万座ビーチ 恩納村 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

A beautiful beach that has been selected as one of the Top 100 Beaches in Japan by the Ministry of the Environment. The sparkling blue water and white sand are the epitome of a southern island. The beach is also located near the scenic spot, Cape Manzamo.

The public bath at ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort, near the beach, can be used by visitors not staying at the hotel (entrance/usage fees apply), so you can stop by to freshen up after a day at the beach.

Northern Area of Okinawa Island

Emerald Beach in Motobu Town

エメラルドビーチ 本部町 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Emerald Beach is located just a short walk from Churaumi Aquarium. As its name indicates, the ocean at this beach is a beautiful emerald green color. The beach is one of the few lagoon beaches in Okinawa, and is known for its good water quality.

Life jackets are available for rental – baby life jackets are also available, so even families with babies can enjoy this beach.

Kouri Beach on Kouri Island, Nakijin Village

古宇利ビーチ 今帰仁村 古宇利島 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

This beach is on Kouri Island, which is an island that can be accessed by car from Okinawa Island. The beautiful sandy beach is popular among both locals and visitors.

There are showers, restrooms, and shops on the beach. There is a free parking lot nearby, but during the crowded summer season, we recommend using the nearby pay parking lots.

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Okuma Beach in Kunigami Village

オクマビーチ 国頭村 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Okuma Beach is a natural white sand beach in Okuma Private Beach & Resort that stretches for 1 km long. This beach is recommended for those who want to enjoy marine sports on an expansive beach.

In the survey of water quality conducted regularly by the Ministry of the Environment, this beach continually receives the highest ranking of AA. There are restrooms, showers, and lockers, so you can enjoy a carefree day on the beach.

Busena Beach in Nago City

ブセナビーチ 名護市 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Busena Beach is located near the Bankoku-Shinryokan, where the 2000 Kyushu-Okinawa G-8 Summit was held.

See tropical sea creatures in the underwater observatory tower, which provides visitors with a 360-degree view of the undersea world. Kids will love the glass-bottom boats modeled after whales! You don’t have to get wet to explore the wonders of the sea at this beach. There are even parasols and chairs on the beach where you can sit back and relax.

Islands Neighboring Okinawa Island

Minna Beach on Minna Island

水納ビーチ 水納島 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

This beach is located on Minna Island, which is a short 15 minute boat ride from Toguchi Port in Motobu Town. Although the island is near Okinawa Island, you can still experience the beautiful sea typical of Okinawa’s outer islands.

As there are many sub-tropical fish at this beach, besides swimming, we also recommend snorkeling.

Tokashiku Beach on Tokashiki Island

渡嘉志久 とかしく ビーチ 渡嘉敷島 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

This beach is on Tokashiki Island, which is a 35 minute boat ride from Tomari Port in Naha City by high speed boat. As the water is shallow, this beach is recommended for children.

 Sea turtles are frequently spotted near this beach, but if you see one just look, don’t touch!

Okinawa’s Outer Islands

Yonaha Maehama Beach on Miyako Island

与那覇前浜ビーチ 宮古島 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

One of the most beautiful beaches in all of Asia, Yonaha Maehama Beach is a popular sightseeing spot on Miyako Island. The powdery sand stretches on for 7 km. There is a free parking lot, restrooms, showers, and changing rooms.

You can enjoy thrilling marine activities here, such as jet skiing and water jet pack rides.

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Kondoi Beach on Taketomi Island

コンドイビーチ 竹富島 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Kondoi Beach is the only beach on Taketomi Island where you can swim. As the water is shallow, young children and those who can’t swim can enjoy this beach without worry.

The “phantom beach” that appears only during low tide is also a highlight of this beach. We recommend checking tide charts and timing your visit to the beach accordingly!

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Fusaki Beach on Ishigaki Island

フサキビーチ 石垣島 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Enjoy a luxurious time and swim with fishes at Fusaki Beach, which is surrounded by coral reefs. 

With nearby bars you can enter in your swimsuit and a pier with a sweeping view of the sunset, this beach is also a great date spot.

Hate-no-Hama Beach, Kume Island

はての浜 久米島 沖縄 おすすめ ビーチ 離島 旅行

Northeast of Kume Island is the popular snorkeling spot, Hate-no-Hama Beach. The white sand beach and the gradation of the emerald green sea is paradise itself!

As there are no shops or convenience stores near this beach, prepare ahead of time and bring everything you need with you.

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