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Essential Sightseeing Spots

Southern Area

An area where you can feel Okinawa's nature and history, with popular spots like the World Heritage Site, Sefa-Utaki and Nirai Kanai Bridge, which has a sweeping view of the blue sea. You can feel Okinawa's hope for peace at the Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City. As there are many fishing ports, fresh seafood and Uchina Tempura (Okinawan-style deep fried tempura) made with seafood are popular.

Southern Area List of Sightseeing spots

Northern Area

An area which has retained Okinawa's natural environment. Includes the Yanbaru area which is situated in the mountains and the popular Churaumi Aquarium. There are numerous eateries, including hidden cafes that seem to merge with nature and old homes that have been reformed into restaurants.

Northern Area List of Sightseeing spots

Islands Near Northern Okinawa Is.

Abundant nature survives in the northern area of Okinawa Island and you can encounter the natural scenery of the surrounding islands, as well. With its traditional townscape and beaches only locals know about, this is an area with a simple ambience.

Islands Near Northern Okinawa Is. List of Sightseeing spots