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Bios no Oka

A popular spot for children where you can enjoy Okinawa’s wildlife!

Bios no Oka is a botanical garden located in Uruma City in the central area of Okinawa Island, where you can thoroughly enjoy nature. It is a sightseeing spot that showcases subtropical nature and you can see wild orchids and other plants.


Bios no Oka is popular with children and there are many experience-based activities geared towards children.


Activities that involve physical activity are the obstacle course that includes a giant jungle gym made with natural wood and a giant swing that even adults will love. You can also participate in a stamp rally by collecting all of the stamps throughout the venue. Older children and adults can also participate in canoeing and SUP.


Furthermore, there is a jungle cruise called the Lake Tour Boat that takes passengers sightseeing around the lake, a water buffalo cart ride and a farm tour train. One of the unique, popular experiences offered is the small fish clinic, in which small fish eat dead skin cells from participants’ feet. 



Children are sure to love the petting zoo zone, where you can pet the animals, such as free range small pigs and birds.


There is also a zone where you can try on traditional costumes from the Ryukyu Kingdome era and take commemorative photos. This zone is very popular with families and couples.


Read about the JJ Girl’s experience in the article below (Japanese language only)


Facility Info.

Address 961-30 Ishikawa-Kadekaru, Uruma-shi, Okinawa
Business hours 9:00-18:00 (Last Entry: 17:00)
Regular holiday Open daily
TEL 098-965-3400
Parking Lot Available
Reference URL https://www.bios-hill.co.jp/

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