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Katsuren Castle Ruins

Located in Uruma City, Katsuren Castle is known for its heroic lord, Amawari, who brought prosperity to Katsuren through overseas trade.
It is known by its Okinawan name by locals, who affectionately call it “Kacchin Gusuku”.

In 2000 it was registered as a World Heritage site.

The fantastic scenery and magnificent view from the top of the castle as well as the masonry embedded with stories of the lives of ancient people attracts visitors to this site. In fact there are about 170,000 visitors to the castle ruins annually.

As there are spots that are difficult to climb, caution is necessary. Sneakers and other comfortable footwear are recommended.

There are guides with abundant knowledge on Katsuren Castle in the information center. You can learn more about the castle by participating in a free guided tour, held every Wednesday afternoon.

Facility Info.

Address 3908 Katsuren-Haebaru, Uruma-shi, Okinawa
Business hours 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Regular holiday Open 365 days/year
Fee Free admission
TEL 098-978-7373
Parking Lot Free parking available (up to 45 vehicles)
Reference URL https://www.katsuren-jo.jp/


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