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Shirumichu – a sacred place where gods live

Shirumichu is located on Hamahiga Island, which is said to be an island inhabited by gods.

It is said to be a place where gods from Ryukyuan Mythology – Shinerikiyo (a.k.a. Shirumichu) and Amamikiyo (a.k.a. Amamiku or Amamichu)- resided.

Because of this it is known as a sacred place.



This sacred spot is located on slightly elevated ground in the Higa community. As there are around 100 stairs to the top, we recommend traveling light-handed.


It is known as a place connected to fertility, and many pilgrims visit the site.

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Facility Info.

Address Katsuren-Higa, Uruma-shi, Okinawa
Fee Free
Parking Lot Space at the entrance of Shirumichu (free)
Reference URL http://www.urumajikan.com/portfolio_page/sirumi-chu/


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