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Yagaji Island

An island with abundant nature that is designated as a wildlife sanctuary

Located near the northern part of Okinawa Island, Yagaji Island can be accessed via the Warumi Bridge and Yagaji Bridge from Okinawa Island. The north part of the island is connected to Kouri Island via the Kouri Bridge. As there are 3 sea roads connected to the island, if you plan to go sightseeing in the area, we also recommend driving around Yagaji Island.  


By far the highlight of Yagaji Island is its nature. With its sugarcane fields, pineapple fields, roads lined with fukugi trees, grove of  adan trees (pandanus), and city-designated natural monuments such as the Japanese sea fig and black mangrove forest, it is a place where abundant subtropical wildlife thrives. 


It is also known as a smelt-whiting fishing spot and at Yagaji Beach, located near one of the entrances to the island, you can swim, BBQ, stargaze and even go kayaking in the calm Haneji Inland Sea. As there is a campsite and bungalows, you can spend the night and thoroughly enjoy the island and all it has to offer. The Pure Road that only appears during low tide is a popular spot for young children and couples.


There are also historic sites on the island, such as the Sumiyabaru Ruins and the Untenbaru Sabaya Shell Mound, which are great spots to learn about Okinawa’s history as you sightsee.

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