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Okinawa Umi (Monument of the Easternmost Point of Okinawa)

Swim at the Easternmost point in Okinawa! The only place on Kita-Daito Island where you can swim in the sea!

Kita-Daito Island is surrounded by precipitous cliffs and deep seas, making it impossible for ferries to make landfall on the island. Due to its topography, unlike many of Okinawa’s other neighboring islands, there are no white sandy beaches on Kita-Daito Island. The only place you can swim on the island is known as Okinawa Umi and is a man-made pool carved out of rocks.


The pool is located in back of the airport and has a parking lot, toilets and showers. Although it is called a pool, it is actually more like a tide pool where seawater collects. Depending on the tide, there are times when the pool cannot be used and when the seas are rough you won’t see anyone swimming.


There is also a Monument of the Easternmost Point of Okinawa near Okinawa Umi. It is this point on Kita-Daito Island that is the easternmost point of Okinawa Prefecture. If you go to Kita-Daito Island, we definitely recommend going for a swim in the sea at the easternmost point of Okinawa!


Facility Info.

Address Kitadaito-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
Parking Lot Available

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