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Cape Manzamo

Cape Manzamo is located near the center of Okinawa Island on its west coast. The sea from the cliffs formed by protruding coral appears different shades depending on the coral in the water and makes for magnificent scenery.

When King Sho Kei visited Cape Manzamo during the beginning of the 18th century, he said that the field was large enough for 10,000 people to sit, thereby leading to its name, which has the same meaning. In Okinawan language “mo” means field and at the top of the protruding coral there is natural grass. The area is also surrounded by groups of plants that are designated as natural monuments by Okinawa Prefecture.

Before Okinawa was returned to Japan, Cape Manzamo was used as a broadcasting station for the U.S. military that received transmissions made by China, North Vietnam and North Korea and had countless antennas. After the return of the land, it became the beautiful spot that it is today. The beauty of the waves, marine blue sea and white waves breaking make for spectacular scenery.

One of Okinawa Island’s leading diving spots 

There are many diving spots in the Manza area (Dream Hole, Manza Coral, etc.) and there are tours to the area conducted by nearby activity shops.

The impressive topography of the area can be imagined after seeing the cliff at Cape Manza. Heading out towards the open sea there are 4 large reefs. If you swim over the reefs and reach the furthest one, you can see countless coral and schools of tropical fish swimming, encounter clownfish and completely enjoy the topography. The point is gaining attention among divers.


Facility Info.

Address Onna, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 904-0411
Business hours All day
Regular holiday N/A
Fee N/A
TEL 098-966-2893(Onna Village Tourism Association)
Parking Lot Free

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