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Ou Island

Ou Island – An island that can be reached by car !


When you think of Okinawa’s neighbor islands, you may think of islands that can only be reached by ferry or plane and are not easily accessible: however, Ou Island is connected to Okinawa Island by bridge and can be reached by car.

The small island with a circumference of 1.7 meters is located in Nanjo City and can be reached in about 45 minutes from Naha Airport by car.


It is known for its Okinawan-style tempura characterized by its fluffy batter and is visited by many locals and tourists alike.

The island has a thriving fishing industry and after the rainy season ends squids can be seen hanging out to dry.


Facility Info.

Reference URL http://www.kankou-nanjo.okinawa/tokusyu/view/oujima/

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